Global Lunch every week

Global Lunch every weekCool Samurai Blog(You can change the displayed language by right Google translate bar. 右側の言語にて英語選択後➡日本語を選択することで日本語でも読めます)

Last December, we started a Global lunch which Japanese and non-Japanese people have a lunch together in English.

It is for Japanese and non-Japanese people to communicate each other. Non-Japanese are from New Zealand, Germany, USA, Canada, Singapore, etc.


Since then, we continue to have the Global lunch every week. Usually 4-8 people join the lunch. Every time, some new members join it.


At first three times, I could not catch up the story which other people talked. After continuing to join the lunch and using English, I got used to communicate with non-Japanese.


If you want to study English, I think it is better to make situation to use English.Then, you start to learn English by using it.




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